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Stradivati-Malta International Violin Making Competition

My name is Volodymyr Baran. And I am CEO at educational programs such as Malta

Stradivari and Malta International Violin Making Competition

International Music Competition®, Central Academy of Arts™, Malta International Violin Making Competition™ and Malta International Music Master Classes™ and other. These courses and competitions were created and adopted for you. Some programs and projects are free, however some have to be paid. It is the only expandable cultural exchange-platform on Maltese Island on the South of the European Union and the Schengen Area. Since our launching in 2010, we have hosted and developed variety of courses and bringing together people from over 55 countries. For some, this is a game, for some holiday, for some serious training.
No worries! We are open for beginners and professionals, music lovers and general audiences. Playing, listening, reading… Easy and smooth… Have a wonderful day and see you…

VFIMF & Central Academy of Arts™

shares dynamic force in music masterclass, educational programs, courses and various projects. Be the one of the lucky participants to join this luxuriate in the opulence MasterClass of your personal teaching and coaching. Since 2011, VFIMF and Central Academy of Arts bring highest caliber artists from all corners of our planet. Central Academy of Arts™ has provided limited amount of spaces that were available during the years. Our next session scheduled January-February and July-August 2020.

Malta International Music Competition 2017

If you imagine a personal violin lesson or other instrument or composition, working on your favorite pieces, then the rest of the day enjoying beautiful Maltese landscapes. Our teacher fits best to your needs, coming from other country or even the continent. Be prepared to brave through concert performances on the Maltese Islands. Would you like to achieve something particular in your violin playing. You will broaden your playing not only in technique area, but reaching artistic perfections, with chamber music, improvisation. Our students do concentrate on a crucial – stage training, prepare to perform from classical to contemporary music compositions, exchange a unique opportunity with others in various ensembles. Participants in this masterclass might be divided into several categories and groups. In all master classes are given by exceptional musicians, professors, concertmasters etc. As the conclusion of Malta masterclass, each participant will receive a certificate.

Central Academy of Arts™ | CAA includes performances by the top instrumentalists, returning to Malta

Violin Masterclass

following highly successful appearances worldwide. Violin and Friends International Music Festival | VFIMF held on Maltese Islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Each year the CAA and VFIMF aspire to present Malta International Music Master Classes™ and Malta International Music Competition® in Europe, providing a transformative experience for our Participants. We are intensely engaging and encouraging the young community to experience the fresh and forwarding move in piano master classes, violin master classes, guitar master classes, saxophone master classes, improvisation master classes and composition master classes. CAA and VFIMF composed of internationally acclaimed musicians of classical, folk, jazz and contemporary performing arts. The amazing young artists make their International Music Festival debut with our charismatic professors, impressively inspiring the young kids through music and give them future. VFIMF and Central Academy assists and emerges artistic development of generations, encourages young to pursue careers and provide a forum for talented young musicians and composers. The Malta International Festival brings professional artists of rare ability and international reputations together with talented and motivated students for intensive performance and study. This Music Academy, the International Festival and Music Courses are suitable to beginners, music lovers, as well to professional players and composers of all ages.

Central Academy Publishing

Malta International Violin Making Competition™ | MIVMC™ During the past several years, we have had quite a few asymmetrical-freestyle instruments. What has amazed me that violin makers who did come with classical instruments last year, did come with both this time. The success and achievement were definitely with us. New ideas were analyzed and discussed by Christophe Landon, Volodymyr Baran, Simeone Morassi, Dimitris Karaoglanis, Jan Strick and participants-exhibitors from many countries representing all continents. Interactive conference between makers and the jury continued about research on influence by the sound post, corners, F halls, bridge, varnish, scroll and many other aspects.
It is absolutely clear that, we are looking for new shapes but keep in mind the sound purity, projection and playability.
Soundchecks has proven very controversial opinions.

Mediterranean sea | Gozo and Malta

Central Academy Records

Central Academy Records™ | CAR™ studios are playing very important role in music making industry of Malta International Music Competition®, Central Academy of Arts™ and Malta International Composition Competition

Central Academy Publishing

Central Academy Publishing™ | CAP™ is probably the most successful major music publisher in Malta and is in collaboration with educational institutions worldwide. CAP is giving new means to terms contemporary composer and classical music. We are human-scaled, committed and independent publisher. We are valued enough to influence music lovers on all continents. Central Academy Publishing™ is proud to collaborate with many of the world’s premier libraries, sellers, publishers and catalogues.

“Vibrant & Passionate Ensemble of the Maltese Islands”

Malta Piano TrioMalta Piano Trio™ consisting of MILICA LAWRENCE – Piano, VOLODYMYR BARAN – Violin and CHRISTOPHER J GREENHALGH – Cello, founded by the Central Academy of Arts™. The Trio appears with a very wide variety of programs worldwide and represents Maltese Republic overseas. This ensemble of masters collaborates with musicians, artists and craftsman from all continents. Malta Piano Trio™ has attracted attention in the chamber music world from some as unique and expressive performances, artistically attractive and stylishly dressed. Composers and luthiers are working closely together with these outstanding performers.

Welcome to Malta
Blessed with a mild climate and set in crystal waters, Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer you a memorable experience, where moments of complete relaxation can be combined with the exploration of the islands’ many cultural, artistic and natural treasures. Long considered to be a microcosm of the Mediterranean and a favorite with travelers who seek an authentic island experience, our islands offer an impressive range of historical and cultural sites, together with a wide spectrum of activities, making Malta a truly unique year-round holiday destination.

The Maltese Islands The Mediterranean’s best kept secret
Malta has been conquered, colonised and governed by numerous Mediterranean civilizations: our past has been moulded by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Normans, the Aragonese, the Knights of St. John, the French and finally, the British. All have left their cultural mark and made us the unique nation we are today.

Malta Three Cities and The Grand Harbour

The Scholarship is an exemption from half of the Tuition fee(Students will need to pay only half of the Tuition fee for the class they are attending.) Only a limited number of scholarships will be provided to some of Maltese and foreign students.
Required Material for application for Scholarships:
To apply for a scholarship, please submit the following required material along with the student application form.
– A written statement (on one A4-size sheet of paper) explaining why you wish to attend the master classes.
– A letter of recommendation from a mentor (This should be a letter written within the past year by a current or former mentor with whom you have studied. Please be sure to provide the mentor’s contact information.)
Professors and the VFIMF office will examine and select students who will be provided with a scholarship. The offers will be at the total discretion of Malta International Music Master Classes™.

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