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Art Summer Camp | ASC 2022

provides the highest educational programs and services in the Mediterranean:

Art Summer Camp Highly qualified teachers!
Our professors are university experts of music, concert artists, instrumental and voice tutors, winners of international music competitions and world recognition touring musicians
Art Summer Camp Participants and students can choose preferred language of teaching. We welcome applications for the following instruments: violin courses, piano, cello, double bass, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, chamber ensemble, the composition and improvisation.
2.音乐夏令营学员可选择自己的首选语言进行教学。 课程包括:大.中.小提琴,钢琴,低音提琴,吉他,单簧管,萨克斯,大号,室内乐合奏,作曲和即兴演奏。
Art Summer Camp Study overseas, tours, master classes, courses and one-to-one teaching
Art Summer Camp Providing accommodation, enjoying the European and Maltese cuisine
Art Summer Camp Our students with personal hobby can listen to the full course of the other master classes for free
Art Summer Camp 2020 All students will hold an Admission Pass, enjoying and attending VFIMF Festival concerts for free
Art Summer Camp Every participant will receive a beautiful T-shirt with LOGO
Art Summer Camp Providing a VFIMF brochure for free to every active participant
 Each participant will receive a certificate signed by professors. The international music competition winners will be awarded a certificates and receive prizes. Taking part at the Competition is not obligatory. (Note: Malta International Music Competition® is a high level international competition, young professional players from around the world are taking part)
 Students entering the Malta International Music Competition® with having more opportunities to participate in festivals and concert performances
 The participants do not pay any enrollment and entry fees for participation in the Malta International Music Competition®

ASC takes place from the 17th to the 31st of July, 2022 – Deadline – 15 May 2022
Before proceeding with the application please email to find out if the group has been formed.

The ASC and VFIMF are committed to equal opportunities and diversity.
If you wish to become our sponsor, partner or donate funds, please use the Donation Button
音乐夏令营VFIMF致力于机会平等和多样性。Music of Malta

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