Violin Competition 2020

Composer Contest 2020 | Violin Competition



Music Competition Prize

  • 1st Prize “Composition Prize” – The winning composition will be published or performed.
  • 1st Prize Winner in a Young Category – Diploma and D’Addario Prize
  • 1st Prize Winner in a Violin Category – Diploma and a Violin generously donated by Piccolo Maestro – Master Atelier (Vienna)
  • 2nd Prize Winner in a Violin Category – Diploma and Musafia Professional Violin Case (Value of 1000 EUR, Handmade in Cremona, Italy) **
  • 2nd Prize Winner – Diploma and a Medal by the Central Academy of Arts.
  • 3rd Prize Winner – Diploma and a Medal CAA
  • Special Violin Prizes in Young Categories – Diplomas and Sets of D’Addario Strings, offered by the “D’Addario Foundation” (USA)
  • Special Piano Prize for the best execution of the contemporary work by Dr. John Galea
  • Special Piano Prize for the best execution of the contemporary work by Prof. Daniel Andres (Switzerland), Diploma and Recital in Switzerland (travel costs and accommodation will be covered by our Swiss partners)
  • Special Prize to a Maltese most promising instrumentalist/s

* The Prize includes: the performance – Recital; travel costs and accommodation might be partly covered by an organizations in Malta. A contemporary composition will be required to include in the program of the Recital.
** This Prize is kindly offered by “Musafia Cremona Italy”

The Prize-Winners are required to give benevolent performance in the concert following the final round, to be organized by the competition management. All candidates are asked to be available to the media for the duration of the competition. Any competitor can request a certificate of “The Participant”.

THE JURY will comprise at least four members of different nationalities, recognized and accomplished music International Violin Competition 2020 | International Piano Competition 2020 | International Chamber Music Competition 2020professors, teachers and artists. The names of the Jurors will be made known following the application deadline. If necessary, some of the Jury members might be replaced. The Jury will communicate the results at the end of each round, indicating the name of those musicians and groups passing to the following round. Jury members will not rank/vote for competitors or ensembles who are related to them or who have been studying with them in the 12 months preceding the competition. Contestants shall not communicate with jury members during the competition, nor shall any other person communicate with the jury members on behalf of any competitor. Violation of this rule will result in automatic disqualification from the competition. The jury is free to award or to withhold prizes as it sees. Ex-aequo prizes and special mention awards are permitted. Competitors may be interrupted at any time during their performance, if the Jury considers it suitable. The judges’ decision is final. Legal recourse is excluded.

NOTE! All the money Prizes are indicated before the 18% of tax.

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