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Master Series | Cimbalom | Guitar | Цимбалы

Cimbalom | цимбалы M-Series is introduced by Malta International Music Master Classes™ | Malta International Music Competition® (MIMC). International Summer Course | International Music Competition for Guitar Solo and| Cimbalom |Solo. You have got a unique opportunity of taking courses with leading Masters. Prepare the program and become a Winner of Malta International Music Competition at Guitar | Cimbalom | Цимбалы | specific categories!
Cimbalom | Цимбалы | Malta Music Master Classes | VFIMFApply for Master Classes and Competition at Once, using application forms Cimbalom | цимбалы1 & Cimbalom | цимбалы2, profiting of reduced feesList/Program of required compositions of the Competition is sited, regulations remain the same as for all instrumental participants of the MIMC. На русском
Cimbalom | цимбалыSpecial Prize – Diploma and a “Luthier Guitar” to a Best Guitar Student/Competitor at MIMC 2017. (to be confirmed by 1st of March)
Cimbalom | цимбалыSpecial Prize – Diploma and a concert performance* awarded to a Best| Cimbalom |Student/Competitor at MIMC 2017.
* to be discussed and confirmed by partner agency at the Finals of MIMC.
The deadline 1st April 2017. Locations and schedules of Master Series | Cimbalom | Цимбалы | Guitar.

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