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Composer Contest 2020 | Violin Competition

Malta International Music Competition®

International Music Competition

Malta International Music Competition® | taking place 27 – 31 July. It is the only one competition registered in Malta under such a name, owned by VFIMF. MIMC is not held during other times of the year and ALWAYS open for different instruments, singers and composers!

MIMC open for piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, composer, chamber musics, viola, cimbalom, saxophone ensemble, guitar ensemble, flute ensemble, chamber musics of any orchestral instruments with or without piano, and piano four-hands. International Music Competition | Конкурс скрипачей | Конкурс КомпозиторовMalta International Music Competition is scheduled July 27 – 31, 2020. Musicians of any nation invited to participate. Composition Contest | Конкурс Композиторов Malta | International Music Competition®, emerge  and encourage artistic development of generations to pursue intensive cultural move, provide a forum for talented young musicians and composers. Violin and Friends Internationals, emphasizes highly successful musical appearances. Young Category I (age 7-12), Young Category II (age 13-17), Adult Category (age 18-33), Composers (up to 40 years), M-Series (age 14-33).

International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов Download Application Form | Скачать анкету  –  APPLY BEFORE 15 April 2020  – Send by email.

The following documents must be included

      • signed Application Form;
      • passport copy of each participant;
      • CV/Bio in English;
      • photograph in JPEG;
      • Enrollment fee (€55.– per individual or €85.– per ensemble), paid in EUR;
      • in case of binding contractual relations with agents, record companies or similar organizations, clearance is necessary;

Soloist, pay it now International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов | Конкурс скрипачей    Ensemble, pay it now International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов | Конкурс скрипачей

Press to email and Pay with Cryptocurrency.

Contestants may enroll in a higher age category than they belong. Incomplete applications might result in the exclusion.

Победители | Winners

International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов | Конкурс скрипачей

International Piano Competitions, often comes to be the first experience of a young instrumentalist, for this reason our mission is to help exceptionally talented musicians.

Best presentations uploaded to our Video Channels, over 100,000 views, allowing exceptional experience.

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