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Malta International Music Competition®

Malta International Music Competition®

Malta International Music Competition® ACCEPTS VIDEO APPLICATIONS ONLINE and LIVE PERFORMANCES. Winners will be invited to Perform in the National Theatre!

ONLINE Malta International Music Competition® is open for all instruments, ensembles (including piano four-hands). International Music Competition | Конкурс скрипачей | Конкурс КомпозиторовResults will be Announced on July 26, 2022. Professional and Amateur instrumentalists and composers of any nation invited to participate.

International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов Download Application FormDEADLINE 1 June 2022

Malta International Music Competition® 2022

The following documents must be included

      • Application Form;
      • youtube link to the video recording;
      • enrollment fee (€89.– per individual or €55.– per ensemble member), paid by PayPal or Bank;

Soloist, pay it now International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов | Конкурс скрипачей Ensemble Member, pay it now International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов | Конкурс скрипачей


  • Solo Category I (Age up to 7) Free program duration up to 5 min.
  • Solo Category II (Age 8-12) Free program up to 8 min.
  • Solo Category III (Age 13-17) Free program up to 12 min.
  • Solo Category Adults (Without Age Limit) Free program up to 15 min.

Compositions of Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary periods are accepted. Contestants may enroll in a higher age category than they belong. Compositions may be performed with or without accompaniment. Recordings can be done by using conference calls online simultaneously. Shorter or longer videos can be enrolled.

  • ABSOLUTE PRIZE WINNER/s – Invitation to Perform the GRAND GALA at the Grand Hall of the National Theatre/Teatru (Valletta, Malta)
  • 1st PRIZE WINNER (Special Violin Prize) – Diploma and a Luthier Violin generously donated by Piccolo Maestro – Master Atelier (Vienna)
  • 2nd Prize Winner (Special Violin Prize) – Diploma & Musafia Professional Violin Case (Italy)
  • 3rd PRIZE WINNER – Diploma and a Medal by the Central Academy of Arts
  • SPECIAL PRIZE WINNER – Diploma and a Medal by the Central Academy of Arts

Multiple competitors can be awarded in each Solo & Chamber Music Categories. 

JURY will be comprised of recognized and accomplished music professors, teachers and artists of different nationalities. The results will be publishes on the 26 July 2022 by indicating the names of the winners Soloists and Ensembles. The jury is free to award or to withhold prizes as it sees. Ex-aequo prizes and special mention awards are permitted. The judges’ decision is final. Legal recourse is excluded.

Winners are responsible to arrange travel and accomodation at their own expenses. During the Awards Ceremony participants waive all right to television broadcasting renumerations and non financial renumeration for their performance.

Malta International Music Competition® 2022

Management Team
Maestro Volodymyr Baran – CEO & Artistic Director

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Prof. Andrea Rossini – PA & Marketing Adviser
Dr. Benjamin Valenzia – Lawyer
Mr. Bernard Bonnici – Administrator
Mrs. Sandy Lee – Secretary/International Relations Coordinator


For bank transfers please find our bank account details: Maestro Volodymyr Baran, HSBC Malta plc, Merchanst Street 32, Valletta, IBAN: MT47MMEB44336000000033300898050, BIC/SWIFT: MMEBMTMT

The organizers are authorized to utilize and exploit the recordings in sound, image and digital media as well as for presentation on the internet. For this purpose, all participants cede all requisite rights of use, exploitation and broadcast to the organizers; the right to publish details of the competitors, ensembles and its members and pass them to third parties. VFIMF 2022 has the right to produce and distribute without limit or payment of any fee, photo, audio and/or video recordings of all events etc. Having studied the conditions, the signatory accepts the stipulations and regulations of the Malta International Music Master Classes™, Central Academy of Arts™ and Malta International Music Competition®. The legal recourse is excluded.

Победители | Winners

International Piano Competition | Конкурс пианистов | Конкурс Композиторов | Конкурс скрипачей

Malta International Music Competition® often comes to be the first experience of a young instrumentalist. For this reason our mission is to help exceptionally talented musicians.

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