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Suzuki Method

Suzuki Method

Suzuki Methodprovided by Central Academy of Arts during the Malta International Music Master Classes, 17-27 July 2017, open to all levels and ages interested to get deep knowledge of Suzuki Method. Faculty trust Suzuki Method philosophy, and believe that anyone can play instrument beautifully. Suzuki Method group classes attract children and adults. Interact and watch others helps to figure out more about the playing issues. We develop Suzuki Method for kindergarten and grade students, attract with short, attractive songs and melodies; creating rhythmical variations, folk tunes arrangements. Suzuki Method prepares our students to progress very rapidly, to study rich variety of compositions. We gladly introduce supplemental pieces, tunes from movies, fiddle melodies; teach how to play an instrument by modeling the mother language into Suzuki Method exciting process.  Amateurs, advanced students will enhance their performing and technical skills. Suzuki Method is similar to children learn language by repeating words. Following the steps, our Suzuki Method encourages daily music listening, instrumental playing, reading, writing short melodies. Suzuki Method fellows get inspiration to study music, analyze compositions of worlds composers and interpretations of versatile performers. Each new composition is carefully chosen to bring a student to a higher level. Everyone is welcome to become a part of Suzuki Method musical community.

  • Support and promotion of various teaching schools;
  • Open mind and fairness practices;
  • Highlighting the value of education;
  • Bring together musicians from different cultures;

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